Our Design Services

W/D/I has a unique combination of services.

Design Due Diligence

W/D/I offers a comprehensive design due diligence service, which we conduct prior to acquisition or investment.

Following the inspection we provide a detailed design report outlining the general condition of the existing property and, together with the investment team, our recommendations for asset enhancements and improvements with emphasis on achieving your specific targets and goals

Based on our recommendations a fully detailed PIP with budgets, timescales and improvement strategy for renovation or conversion works to comply with global design standards, or an initial concept vision if the property is being considered for repositioning.

Design Consultation and Advisory Service

We are able to join your in-house team, where W/D/I will provide the creative vision and image of any renovation or repositioning work.

Acting as your design director, we will then work with the selected team to ensure the final product realizes the decided vision

Team Selection

Our extensive network of architects, designers, suppliers and construction specialists means we can assemble a best-in-class team that exactly matches the requirements of your project.